The halfway Christmas

Unfortunately this is the best you're gonna get this year.
Unfortunately this is the best you’re gonna get this year.


The lights were halfway up for weeks
The garland still ain’t done 
I’m losing hope It’ll all be hung
Before January one 
We got our tree from the tree farm 
Just outside of town 
Too bad that after just one week
The star is falling down 
Half the presents have been bought
And none of them are wrapped
I hesitate to say it
But by Christmas I’ll have snapped
The mail ain’t even opened
Too many Christmas cards to read
The kids all have their programs
And a drink is what I need 
We gotta take some pics with santa
And read him all our lists
And wear our matching outfits
No matter how much they resist 
There are cookies to be baked
And light shows to go see
We almost missed the live nativity
‘Cuz someone had to pee
We try to teach our kids
Bought the truth of all of it
But let’s be honest it’s week three
And the advent ain’t been lit
So when you check your mailbox
And from me don’t have a card 
Just know it’s us it isn’t you
This year it’s just too hard
It doesn’t mean that we don’t love you
Or keep you in our hearts
It’s just bc I forgot to empty 
The dang Shutterfly cart
Though things are hectic we still remember
Jesus is the reason
We wish you love and happiness
This halfway Christmas season.
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