Minimizing the crazy: Get organized

Today I posted a picture on FB with my To Do list and a confession that sometimes I purposefully add items to the list that I have already completed just so that I can cross them off. It really helps my self esteem to have several items already crossed off.

Shortly after I posted the picture I was inundated with PMs and comments requesting that I email out my To Do template. I created this 8×11 sheet myself and it breaks down everything into different categories (emails, calls, bills, errands, most important, etc).

Well, rather than spend an hour and a half emailing the template out to everyone individually I figured I would just post it up on the site and let anyone who is interested download it for free.

So, without further ado here is the link to download your very own Biscuits-and-Crazy-Type-A-To-Do-List. This is the very first time I have ever tried to do this so I really hope it works (as I just taught myself reading several tutorials). Please let me know if it doesn’t.


Minimizing my crazy
Minimizing my crazy